Hyperion P51D Mustang

The Hyperion Mustang P-51D “25” is the first in a series of models which define a new class. Hyperion saw a need for larger models with wingspan of about 1.2 meters (47″ ~52″) which are designed from the ground up with electric flight in mind, and which sacrifice nothing in scale detail, accessories, and quality of finish.

This size of model is easiest to classify as “engine 25 size”, simply because no clear rating system exists for larger electric models. In fact, we realized after flying the Mustang that it’s light – but that it is also rugged. So we added two mounts to the kits. One is for Brushless Outrunners like the recommended Z3025-08 (or AXI 2826 series), and the other fits 0.25 ci glow engines, in case that’s your preference…

What we love best about this Mustang is the combination of sweet manners (often not the case with Mustangs!) and wide speed envelope. With the Z3025-08 and a 10×7 prop she has good speed and plenty of thrust for large loops, but barely uses 340W maximum power. You could use a battery as small as HP-LVX2100-3S with this setup. But we recommend the HP-LVX2500-3S or HP-LVX3300-3S instead, for longer duration when you use the APC “E” 10×10 prop. With this setup the P-51 still slows down nicely when requested, but is also capable of blazing-fast low passes and absolutely HUGE loops.

Hyperion Glass/Scale P-51D Mustang

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