Krill YAK55M 28% FOXE Blue colorscheme


This model is based on it’s bigger brother, the YAK55M 33% . This airplane was developed for the 50-60 cc gas and  the 4-5kW electric motors.  This model is for all diehards and sport pilots, flying either scale aerobatics or 3D.

Once built, the model is extremely easy to fly, as almost no corrections are required, proving once more the excellent quality of this kit.

With small movements on the control surfaces, it flies extremely accurate, and direct, whereas the 3D capabilities are amazing, when using the full control surface deflections.

Gas Setup:

The GP-61 Specs:


Weight: 3lbs 2.8oz

Horsepower: 6hp


Warranty:2 years

Includes compact style side dump muffler, and LiPo Ingintion.

For Germany, the side dump muffler is not recommended, as the noise level is above what is legally allowed. Here, I have used the MTW system, with a front in, rear out silencer, and header custom made for the Krill and the GP engine. Please contact MTW direct to get an offer, and great quality muffler and header. (click on the image to go directly to MTW)






Rpm GP-61 with Falcon 24*9: 7250~7350

GP-61 model engines are specially designed for giant scale model aircraft. All the critical components (cylinder,piston,ring) are manufactured in Taiwan.

The piston and cylinder suppliers make some of the highest quality pistons in Asia. They supply pistons to companies like Rotax, Yamaha, Toyota, Honda….etc. The engine uses the highest quality Germany made FAG bearing and real Japanese made Walbro carburettor. Each engine is test run before it is shipped to ensure that the engine will bring you the most stable performance while delivering the highest level of performance.


















SETUP Electric:


Technical Data:

Power range   max. 5500W (15 sec.)
Idle current @ 8,4V   1,6A
Resistance   0,013 Ohm
Kv   180
Weight ~   1075g
Diameter   89 mm
Lenght (Backmount – Prop)   80 mm
Pole #   28
recommend ESC   MasterSpin 125 – 170 OPTO
recommend Timing   25-30°
Shaft   10mm
Prop Lipo Total Voltage Voltage / Cell Current Power RPM
    V pro Zelle A W U/min
XOAR E 24×12 10S 38,2 3,82 108 4126 5990
XOAR 25×12 10S 37,8 3,78 123 4649 5810
XOAR 26×12 10S 37 3,7 140 5180 5580
XOAR E 22×12 12S 47 3,91 118 5546 7260
XOAR 24×10 12S 46 3,83 122 5612 7170



    • 160A continuous with good cooling, 200A max 15 Sec
    • 4 to 14s LiPos, undervoltage feedback.
    • 12 to 42 cells NiMh
    • Undervoltage feedback disableable.
    • Opto coupler
    • Governor-Mode
    • Soft start
    • Infinitely adjustable F3A brake
    • Active freewheel, for unlimited partial load handling
    • Automatic Timing or in 6 setting choices
    • Electronic brake with 3 settings
    • 8-16 kHz
    • Max RPM: 240.000 (2-Pole)
    • Over temp notification
    • Integrated anti-spark
    • Dimensions: 69 x 53 x 26 mm
    • Weight: 104g without cables – and 156g with
    • Programming with ProgCard II

SERVOS :                 


Technical Data HBL380

Operating voltage 6.0V ~ 8.4V DC Volts
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 38.5 mm
Weight 73 g
Torque 6.0V 31 kg/cm
Torque 7.4V 39 kg/cm
Torque 8.4V 41 kg/cm
Speed 6.0V 0.114 s
Speed 7.4V 0.092 s
Speed 8.4V 0.082 s
Stall current 8.1A (6.0V), 10.0A (7.4V), 11.0A (8.2V)
Center / max. Frequency 1520μs / 333Hz
Dead Band 0.0008 ms
Case All Aluminium Case
Motor Brushless Motor
Gear Metal Alloy Gear
Bearing 12×8 mm Double Bearings


Technical Data HV77A+

Operating voltage 6.0V ~ 8.4V DC Volts
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 40 mm
Weight 75.45 g
Torque 6.0V 29.5 kg/cm
Torque 7.4V 36.5 kg/cm
Torque 8.4V 40.4 kg/cm
Speed 6.0V 0.13 s
Speed 7.4V 0.11 s
Speed 8.4V 0.10 s
Stall current 7.5A (6.0V), 9.3A (7.4V), 10.3A (8.2V)
Center / max. Frequency 1520μs / 333Hz
Dead Band 0.0008ms
Case All Aluminium Case
Motor Coreless Motor
Gear Metal Alloy Gear
Bearing 2x Ball Bearing

Power supply:           Powerbox Competition

  • High resolution graphical OLED screen with 128×64 pixels
  • Programming procedure using the SensorSwitch in conjunction with the OLED screen
  • Signal amplification for a total of 12 channels and 18 servos
  • 4 match channels with 2 servos for each channel
  • Double regulated output voltage
  • Energy consumption, voltage- and residual capacity display in mAh for both batteries
  • Sockets for telemetry bus systems
    Multiplex MSB and Spektrum
  • Data feedback by downlink – i.e. for data such as voltage, consumption and residual capacity for both batteries
  • Selectable servo voltage of 5,9V or 7,4V
  • Minimum value memory displays voltage collapses in flight
  • Large area heat-sink area for heat dissipation and even higher performance
  • Supports three battery types: NiMh/NiCd, LiFePo
  • Suppression of servo feedback currents


  • Operating voltage: 4,0 Volts to 9,0 Volts
  • Power source: 
    2 x two-cell LiPO batteries 7,4 Volts
    2 x five-cell NiCd or. NiMH batteries
    2 x two-cell LiFePo batteries 6,6 Volts (A123)
  • Current drain:
    Power-on state approx. 130 mA
    Power-off state approx. 15 µA
  • Dropout voltage: approx. 0,25 V
  • Max. receiver- and servocurrent:
    2 x 10 A (stabilised), according to efficiency of cooling
    Peak 2 x 20 A
  • Servo signal resolution: 0,5µs
  • Signal frame rate:
    User variable: 9ms, 12ms, 15ms, 18ms, 21ms
  • Screen: OLED 128 x 64 pixels, graphic
  • Bus systems: Spektrum, Multiplex
  • Servo sockets: 18 sockets, 12 channels,
    4 of them match-channels
  • Temperature range: – 30 °C to + 75 °C
  • Dimensions: 110 x 72 x 24 mm
    (incl. base plate)
  • Weight: 115 g
  • SensorSwitch: 15 g
  • EMV approval: EN 55014-1:2006
  • CE approval: 2004/108/EG


Linkages:   Secraft

And this is what has been done by the factory: 

1- wings, elevators and rudder are installed
2- pre drilled the rudder hinges
3- clear canopy  is glued into frame.
4- Cowl installed, using 4 x M5 bolts.
5- Landing gear is pre drilled
6- All control horns openings are pre cut via CNC

7- sign points on the fuselage for rudder wires

Total weight of the kit including hardware is 3,8 Kg.
Included in the kit: 
Composite parts- fuselage with integrated formers, wings, elevators, rudder, cowl, canopy, wheel pants , landing gear
Non composite parts –  wheel axles, bolts, control horns.

Recomendation Accessories :

Wingbags : Custom made by REVOC for perfect quality




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