Left and right halves of the main wing jut out from near the exact center of the fuselage to realize the awesome flight and form of a mid-wing acro airplane.
Electric power provides plenty of grunt for flying stunning maneuvers.

From the world of acrobatic airplanes comes the famous EDGE 540, but this time as an electric powered model. The mid-wing design and swept trailing edge of the main wing recreate the flight performance and form of the original. The main wing halves are joined inside the fuselage that combines with the lightweight yet rigid stringer structure of the rear fuselage to produce a flying masterpiece with balance and control for nimble acro flight. With a powertrain that starts with a brushless motor, the freedom of roll and hovering performance etc. is granted as only a mid-wing airplane can. In addition this airplane is almost completely factory assembled. Install the motor and tail wing, attach wheels and decals, then all that’s left to do is hook up the linkages. You can be enjoying stunning acro flight performance in next to no time. The EDGE takes electric R/C acro airplanes to amazing new heights.

Swept trailing edge of main and tail wings follows the design of the original and recreates its airborne agility. Produces excellent stall characteristics for sharp forward penetration.


Design allows the motor to be screwed on to the included motor mount. Attach the pre-painted FRP cowling that reproduces the realistic form of the original.

  • Enjoy the comfortable flight of an electric motor with the power to produce real acro performance.
  • Pre-assembled balsa structure is expertly covered in film. Only a short time needed to get airborne.
  • Near exact mid-wing fuselage realizes the exciting acro performance of the original.
  • Main wing halves are fixed inside the fuselage with a rubber belt.
  • Fast and easy battery changes made possible with canopy unit that can be attached / detached with just two screws.
  • Left/right halves of main wing are joined inside minimizing cuts in the fuselage. Achieves both lightweight and high rigidity.
  • Achieves the control advantages of the original EDGE 540 from the swept trailing edge for excellent stall characteristics.
  • Stringers down to the back of the fuselage are covered in film for a lightweight fuselage structure.
  • Pre-painted FRP cowl, wheel pants and hard aluminum rear swept main landing gear realizes true scale appearance without the painting headaches.
  • Wire linkages (included) used for rudder control result in linear control of the yaw axis.
  • Tailwheel also features shock absorbing mechanism for safe and reliable taxiing.
  • Newly designed structure allows the tension of the rubber belt that secures the main wing halves inside the fuselage to be adjusted by simply removing the cockpit.
  • Main wing halves minimize openings in the fuselage and combine with the pre-covered stringers to the rear fuselage for a highly rigid and resilient structure.
  • Canopy unit can be attached / detached with just two screws.


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