Hangar 9 Sundowner 50 *Retired*

Key Features

  • Easy-to-fly racer with smooth handling and precise control
  • Plug-in two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field
  • Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Removable top hatch for easy access to the interior of the plane
  • Hangar 9 hardware prehinged and installed
  • Glow or electric option right out of the box
  • Mike McConville design
  • Helmet-head pilot figure adds sport, scale detail


Think you can handle some speed? Here’s your chance with Hangar 9’s Sundowner™ 50 ARF. Based on the Sundowner Formula 1 80-inch giant-scale racer, this speedy sport performer has a scaled-down aggressive racer body design that always makes it look like it’s tearing through the sky. Because of its smooth flight characteristics and precise, sport handling, even intermediate pilots will feel comfortable behind the sticks. Unlike other racers that may be difficult to fly, the Sundowner 50’s streamlined design makes this racer smooth, precise and ready-to-roll. It may look like a racer thanks to its body design, but it is an aerobatic sport model geared for performance.

The .50-size Sundowner can be powered for performance using a variety of 2- or 4-stroke glow engines or converted to electric power for clean, no-fuss flying. The two-piece plug-in wing makes transporting this aircraft an easier process. A removable top hatch provides access to the plane’s interior to make it easy to get to the electronics and/or fuel tank. The Sundowner also includes installed high-quality prehinged hardware and a heavy-duty anodized aluminum wing tube which provides extreme durability at low weight.


Product Specifications

Wing Span: 63 in (1600mm)
Overall Length: 47.4 in (1204mm)
Wing Area: 572 sq in (36.9 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 3.2 kg
Motor Size: Magic RimFire 1.20 450KV 2300Watts
Radio: Hitec Aurora 9 2,4 GHz with 6 Chanel receiver
Servos: 4x Cirrus 10kg servos
Trim Scheme Colors: Pearl Charcoal HANU846, Silver HANU881, White HANU870, Orange HANU877
CG (center of gravity): 2-1/2 in back from the leading edge at the fuselage
Wing Loading: 24.2–28.2 oz per sq ft
Prop Size: 3 Blade 14×9
Spinner Size: 2 inch
Topspeed: 225km/h
Speed Control : 80-Amp Hype
Battery: SLS 4000mAh 25C

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