Krill Ultimate 300KS V2

This is my new project, the all new Krill Ultimate 300KS V2.

The Colors are fantastic, and the build quality of the kit is as I am used to from Krill: Absolutely perfect.

The same goes for the wingbags from my good friend Zbig at REVOC: the best bags on the market, without a doubt…..

New Powerbox Systems Pioneer MicroMag Switch installed, and Secraft canopy screws.
Awesome double fuel tank by carries 1Liter fuel, and 1Liter of smoke oil.
Go check them out at:
Installed the Secraft double fuel dot, for smoke and fuel, and replaced the original screws of the cowling for Secraft screws with washers.
Since my model is a hybrid between MK1 and MK2, I had to make my own Rudder tray.
The new rudder tray fits like a glove…..

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