Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR *Retired

Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR
The Bipe with bite

Wing span – 40 inch / 1014mm
Length – 43.08 inch / 1095mm
Wing area – 582.4 sq inch
AUW (ready to fly including battery) per our last prototype ~ 38.45oz / 1089gr
Wing loading – approx 9.5oz sq ft!!

Motor: PA Thrust 40 brushless outrunner
ESC: Phoenix Ice Lite 75A ESC with BEC
Servos: 4 Micro servos 1.6kg/cm torque
Lipo pack: PA 3S 2,200mAh
Prop: VOX wooden 14×7

If you demand high performance precision flying, high energy 3D/freestyle aerobatics, extremely light and rigid Biplane, the Ultimate AMR is the machine of choice for you.

Forget what you have heard about bipes..Hard to handle? Stalls easily? a handful to land? well CERTAINLY NOT WITH THIS ONE.  Many months of design, testing and experimentation brought about this exceptional model.

The new Ultimate AMR features the revolutionary FiberFusion® construction making it the lightest electric built up Biplane produced to date in this size – about 38.45oz ready to fly (!!!) yet is rigid enough to withstand the most extreme high energy maneuvers we know you will be tempted to try!

FiberFusion® is an engineered construction method,  combining carbon fiber, balsa and ply in a way  never seen before, utilizing the strengths of the fibers within each raw  material, with the end result being  lighter, stronger, more rigid aircraft that fly like nothing else!

The Ultimate AMR is easily transportable and will fit in any backseat of a car without the hassle of removing the wings. The wings are still removable for convenience of storage if desired.

Many months of testing and experimentation led to the design of a new airfoil specifically created for this airframe in order to achieve the pre-determined performance we had set. The unique aileron design enhances aerodynamic airflow and control efficiency. To complement the Ultimate AMR performance and CG – we had to design a new brushless motor the PA Thrust 40. The combination of the AMR unique design, exclusively designed airfoil, and our new Thrust 40 motor gives the feel of flying on a 4S pack with unlimited vertical performance although it is only using 3S 2200mAh 20c Lipo pack, without making any compromises on any maneuver or on flight duration and without having to make a costly investment in expensive battery packs essential on other heavier biplanes!

The PA Ultimate AMR is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines and pre-assembled by our own skilled factory staff. In order to attain uniform performance for each and every model produced, we produce the planes on highly precise jigs. Each set of wings are matched individually to each fuselage (this is something most factories don’t do even in giant scales production).
We assemble each airframe before shipping to ensure wing incidence, alignment and fit. All you need to do is bolt on the wings.
The ailerons (as well as the stab/elevators) are already pre-hinged with the gaps sealed and as such assembling the wing is quick and easy.
We have thoroughly researched full size Ultimate versions as well as experimental modified aircraft and although you will not find a similar full size Ultimate, the PA Ultimate AMR is an extremely scale looking Ultimate with a unique PA touch.

Although the Ultimate AMR looks stunning on the ground, its performance in the air will be the one that will simply blow your mind. From quick paced high energy, jaw dropping aerobatics all the way down to slow graceful 3D, the AMR does it all and it really up to you to set the pace.

On high rates, the handling is crisp and lightning quick response. It will lock in Knife Edge at any angle of attack and at any speed. Both upright and inverted harriers (a disability in many other bipes) are stable and rock-free while the hovers are vertical and easy to control. Torque rolls are simply beautiful to watch and the 4 huge ailerons provide adequate authority to torque in the opposite direction on demand. As for the flat spins:- How’s flat for you?
On high rates the PA Ultimate AMR is an excellent tumbling machine able to perform extremely tight waterfalls, spins, violent snaps etc that is would make it a hot pilot’s dream come true. The lightning fast axial roll rate provided by the 4 huge ailerons coupled with the rigid construction of the airframe give the Ultimate AMR the ability to execute violent axial Knife edge spins, high speed blenders, lomcevaks and insane tumbles that will bring your excitement to a whole new level.

Although the Ultimate AMR is an unlimited 3D/Freestyle beast, switching the dual rates onto low rates sets it’s personality to smooth, precision IMAC or sports style flying you would get the distinct impression that it’s flying on rails. Rolls are axial, well balanced and could be easily performed slow and persistent. Long fast turns are very accurate and without adverse yaw or loss of attitude and beautiful straight lines.  Four point rolls and  eight point rolls are simply beautiful.

Worried about of landing? Forget what you have heard before about bipes. The PA Ultimate AMR is probably the easiest biplane to land. It practically lands itself at any speed without the risk of wing stall. It is easy to grease a landing without the need for speed or long runways. You can even land during a harrier.

In the words of the Ultimate AMR designer: This plane will challenge you and allow you to perform many new maneuvers that other planes just don’t allow. It’s you getting used to the plane, squeezing the juice out of it that makes it so exciting.

In line with PA’s tradition, this fine model spells QUALITY from the design to the construction, the hardware and the level of finish – the attention to detail is second to none.

Available in three striking colors the Ultimate AMR looks simply awesome in the sky. The two wings allow easy orientation in flight.

This plane is nearly complete and has very little left for you to do:

  • We assemble each airframe before shipping to ensure wing incidence, alignment and fit. All you need to do is bolt on the wings!!
  • Wings and ailerons are pre-hinged and sealed in the factory!
  • Horizontal stabilizer and elevator are pre-hinged and sealed in the factory!
  • CNC machined CF cabane and struts tabs are pre installed in the wings accurately in the factory.
  • CA hinges already pre-glued on the rudder side.
  • Horizontal stabilizer with the elevator pre-hinged and sealed.
  • Fiberglass cowling is pre cut and is reinforced with carbon fiber. Its aerodynamic design allows air to flow in and cool the motor, battery and ESC for maximum setup efficiency. Two air scoops are also included in the kit.
  • Prefabricated and pre-painted tinted canopy and hatch as one integral unit attached to the model with very strong magnets.
  • Pre-drilled robust Carbon Fiber landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the fuselage for quick installation.
  • Pre assembled and glued motor box with the correct thrust angles already built in (taking away the guess work).
  • Pre-drilled FiberFusion® firewall is ready for Thrust 40 outrunner installation.
  • Pre-cut painted fiberglass wheel pants (optional carbon wheel pants are available)
  • Semi-fabricated heavy duty Carbon fiber push rods.
  • Pre-drilled Carbon fiber control horns.
  1. Pre-installed battery and RX Velcro fasteners.
  2. Pre-assembled tail wheel.

The brief assembly is a joy and most modellers will have it set up in one evening in-spite of the two wings! We have also included a deflection gauge to ensure precise control deflection is easily achieved to attain the designed handling characteristics.


  • Airfoiled vertical stabilizer
  • Will fit in the backseat of your car without the need of removing the wings!
  • All new Fiberfusion® technology
  • The lightest Biplane in its class (top performance and most economic set up!)
  • Huge control surfaces
  • State of the art laser cut light ply, balsa and carbon fiber construction
  • 3 striking color schemes to choose from
  • Top quality hardware kit
  • Easily accessible battery tray (no need to turn the model upside down to change the pack)
  • Tail servos location to you choice (left or right)

Carbon fiber features
(our carbon fiber is imported from Japan and all parts produced in-house)

  • CF FiberFusion® construction throughout
  • CF CNC machined wing cabane
  • CF heavy duty pushrods and aileron ganging rods
  • CF firewall locker
  • CF Leading edge
  • CF reinforced cowling
  • CF CNC machined battery tray
  • CF CNC machined control horns
  • CF pre installed elevator trailing edge reinforcement
  • CF reinforcement in the wing servo bays
  • CF quality pre-drilled landing gear
  • CF anti-rotation wing pins (pre-installed in the factory)
  • Wings feature state of the art construction with double spar CF reinforced
  • CF CNC machined cabane and struts tabs (pre installed accurately in the wings).

Optional upgrades:

  • Carbon fiber wheel pants
  • CNC machined carbon fiber Ultimate style spinner (super lightweight specially designed for the Ultimate AMR).
  • CNC machined carbon fiber servo arms for full deflection and correct linkages geometry


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