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Now availlable: EXFC 2013 DVD:

Amazing freestyle-action of the world´s best rc aerobatic pilots at the EXFC 2013 in  Znojmo (Czech  Republic).

  Spectacular „ground acrobatics“ and accurate flight  manoeuvers full of dynamic, power and action, intimates the very high level of flying.

Winners of the synchro competition were the german team Randolph Brömer and Ingo Brauer.

In the solo competition the austrian pilots were dominating the competition; Gernot Bruckmann 3rd,Martin Brandmüller 2nd and Wolfgang Krahofer 1st. You will see really amazing flights and spectacular maneuvers you have never seen before.

As a special highlight is the czech RedBull Airrace- and Showpilot Martin Sonka, who flew his amazing and spectacular display, and even landing his EXTRA 300 SR on the model airfield in Znojmo.

Don´t miss these incredible flights of the worlds best aerobatic pilots, such as Martin Pickering, Craig Bavery, Gernot Bruckmann, Wolfgang Krahofer, and many more……

Runtime: 123 minutes * german commentary.

Click on Picture for the webshop of Peter Ritters, where you can then buy this awesome DVD….


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